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God of Israel or God of the World?

Episode Summary

A look at the question as to whether the creator is the God of Israel (as Hebrew Israelites claim, or God of this world (that most other believers claim.

Episode Notes

I grew up hearing about the God of the whole world.  Now we are hearing from groups such as the Hebrew Israelites , that the Most High creator is the God of Israel only.

Now that sure doesn't sound right now, does it? How could the creator of all mankind just be the God of only one nation of people? Why then would he bother to create the rest?

Today, we look at this question, the god of Israel or the God of the world? We put it to the scriptural test to see who is right. 

Disclaimer: We apologize for using the word God, as the Most High is not God or a god. However, without using that  name, this podcast would not show up in searches and create interest unless we use that title. His name is YAHUAH TSABA'OTH (of hosts).