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Is the Book of Enoch Authentic?

Episode Summary

Is the Book of Enoch authentic? Is it divinely inspired? Should believers use it? In this episode, we use a simple way to prove the book of Chanoch (Enoch)..

Episode Notes

Is the Book of Enoch Authentic?

The religion of Christianity has dominated the world and dominated what most believers accept as truth. When one comes into the understanding of its many, many shortcomings, one starts to question the validity of much of their claims.

We here at Just a Word have dug into many of their teachings and found almost all to be wanting. We have included those in a category on our website called Christian Errors. By the way, this can be accessed through http://justaword.org/christian-error/.

So since we found so many things wrong, one of them is that we should only use 66 books. This forms the basis of what we have in this podcast as we look at the authenticity of the book of Enoch.

We will use a simple means of proving whether or not the book of Enoch is authentic. This we will do by looking at the 10 divisions of the times of the earth found in Enoch chapter 93.