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Why Most of us Cannot Follow the Messiah

Episode Summary

There is a command from the Messiah that tells us why most of us in this world who say we are following the Messiah Yahusha under various names, cannot follow the one true Messiah. Today, we look at this command and its effects.

Episode Notes

This command is largely ignored by modern church denominations, but ignoring it ensures that we cannot be disciples of the one true Hebrew Messiah that walked this earth, Yahusha of Nazareth.

He warned us that many will come in his name saying they are he, but we must not be deceived. Modern religion has presented us with other Messiahs, who we believe are true. So, we follow what we have been given, but do we stop to figure out if we are following the one true Messiah of the bible?

Sadly, through disobedience to this command that we will look at today, we have have blocked ourselves from following the one Messiah who can save us (John 14:6).

Today, we take a look at this command and its effects on us individually, as well as on the body of so-called believers as a whole.

How can one be led by the Holy Spirit?

Discover How to Follow the Way of the One True Messiah of the Bible (John 14:6)

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